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If you are in prison Thames Valley Probation will continue to work with you to help make best use of your time and prepare for your release back into the community.

A sentence plan will be drawn up with you at the prison aimed at tackling your offending behaviour which might identify training, education or employment opportunities.

Following your release the probation service will be responsible for supervising and enforcing your Licence.

How will the probation service stay in contact with me in prison?

We will usually write letters to you. Or we will contact you through prison and probation staff employed in the prison.
Routine visits are not always possible but if we attend Sentence Planning Boards and reviews at the prison then we will try to arrange to see you at the same time.

Will I be suitable for a Home Detention Curfew Order (electronic tagging)?

You may be able to apply to spend up to 90 days on home detention subject to a curfew, which is enforced by electronic monitoring if you are a prisoner over 18 years old and have been sentenced to more than three months and less than four years' imprisonment.

Not everyone is eligible to apply but further information can be obtained from prison staff. They will be able to explain the process to you. Those assessed as suitable for the curfew can be released from a minimum of two weeks and up to a maximum of 90 days earlier than they normally would be. What is the probation service's role in Home Detention Curfew Order (electronic tagging). The probation service provides information to the Prison Governor on the general risk assessment of someone being released on the order. We also provide information about the suitability of the proposed curfew address.

Can I apply for parole?

Prisoners sentenced to more than four years may apply to be considered for parole at the halfway point of their sentence. Further information about applying for this can be obtained from prison staff. Or if you want to write to your probation officer they will explain the process to you. This is not applicable to prisoners who have been given life sentences.

How can I get help with education and essential skills?

If you have any difficulties with essential skills in reading and writing you may be able to join a course in prison which will help you.

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