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Managing offenders
Most prisoners do not serve the whole of their sentence in custody. At some stage they are released to serve the rest of their sentence in the community.

All offenders who receive a custodial sentence are subject to compulsory supervision for a pre-determined period on release. Offenders released under the supervision of Thames Valley Probation must report to a nominated officer on the day of their release.

Those sentenced to four years or more can be released on parole after serving half their sentence, but are automatically released on licence after serving two-thirds of the sentence. Both these groups are also supervised by the probation service.

The length of the supervision period depends on the length of the sentence and the point at which the prisoner is released.

This can vary from three months for someone sentenced to a year's custody and the remainder of his/her life for someone sentenced to life.

About supervision

The prisoner reports to the supervising officer immediately after release. The supervising officer draws up a supervision plan with the offender, addressing issues such as housing, employment and reintegration into the community and aims to prevent re-offending.

A release licence may include conditions such as living at an Approved Premises or staying away from the area where the crime was committed. Sussex Probation, along with our partners in MAPPA, ensures these licence conditions are adhered to. Any breach of the licence can mean a return to prison to serve the remainder of the sentence in custody.
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