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Reducing re-offending
Offending behaviour programmes

The links below give details of the accredited offending behaviour programmes run by probation staff in the community.

These programmes are courses that offenders have to attend as part of their community sentence. Thames Valley Probation offers two Public Protection offending behaviour programmes and one General offending behaviour programme.

They are accredited by the Ministry of Justice and follow a national core curriculum.

Public Protection programmes:

Community Domestic Violence Programmes (CDVP)

Thames Valley Sex Offender Groupwork Programme (TVSOGP)

General programme:

Thinking Skills Programme (TSP)


Why do people continue to commit crimes?

Research shows that the main causes are: weak problem solving skills, poor decision making skills, weak personal control and poor social skills.

For example:

  • People do not recognise or anticipate problems. They may fail to consider other forms of action in dealing with problems.

  • People are not able to resist pressure to offend again from other people.

  • People may act impulsively. They have poor self-control & may be prone to aggression, violence and hostility. This may repeatedly get them into trouble.

  • People may not understand or appreciate the harm they are doing to other people. This includes the victims of their crimes and their own families & friends.

How will these programmes make a difference?

  • By tackling the way people think, which has been shown to directly affect the way they behave.

  • By assisting people to think more logically about their lives and how they make moral decisions.

  • By tackling people's weak personal control and poor social skills.

  • By using role-play and other exercises to challenge people's learned anti-social behaviour. This is proven to help people change the way they think, which affects how they behave.

  • By teaching self-management skills to bring about positive changes in thoughts, attitudes and behaviour.

  • By teaching people to appreciate the views of others.

  • Research shows that some people are likely to respond to having their thoughts, behaviour and attitudes challenged in a group setting.

  • Research also shows that people are likely to respond to structured group work that involves action, participation, skills learning and discussion.

Research shows that attendance on effective offender programmes aimed at the right offenders can stop them from offending again.

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